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Ladies can now shop for their men at these men’s blogshops!  Stay tuned for more!

Sixth Empire Logo


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SG Zika Update

2017 Great Singapore Sale! Discounts discounts and more discounts!

Hi readers!

This is what all of you have been waiting for!  The Great Singapore Sale is here again!

GSS date is from 9 Jun 2017 to 13 Aug 2017!  Here are some of the promotions that blogshops are having!

The Dancing Jewels

Up to 70% off! And use the discount code SGBS to get 10% off regular priced items!


Every 2pc at 50% off. Spend $100 and get a free pendant  wroth $13.90.


Check out with discount code: “GSS30” for the GSS Discount!


Everything in the “$29 Bucket” tab at $29!!!


Use discount code: OSMOSESGS25

Happy shopping!

2017 Chinese New Year Sale! CNY Discount codes, sale and promotions!

Hi readers!

Chinese New Year is coming!  We will be listing down all the blogshops discounts and promotions for CNY here at this page!  Check back again nearer to CNY to see the promotions and discount codes!

Happy Chinese New Year!

Here are the early promotions for CNY:
Enter code SGBS for 10% off!
Ends 18/1/17
Psst, don’t miss the shoes Preorder closing 31/12/16 to get them in time for the Lunar New Year!

Moonriver Discount

CNY Promotion – Spend $49.90 get 5%, $88 get 10%, $168 get 15% and $238 get 20% !!


Supergurl Blogshop

Young Hungry Free


2016 Christmas Blogshop Sale! Discounts discounts and more discounts!

Hi readers!

This is what all of you have been waiting for!  Here are some of the Xmas promotions and events that are coming up this xmas!  Shop more and win more this xmas!  Visit us daily as we update more and more of the Xmas Discounts and promotions that blogshops are having!


Christmas Draw from 1 – 24 Dec! Win a stay at Bintan this Xmas!

The Dancing Jewels

Xmas sale sale sale!!! Up to 70% off! Don’t wait anymore!  Sale ends 18 Dec 2016!

Discount Code: Yes


12 Deals for Christmas! One deal each day! Look out for the discount code and use it!

Day 1 Discount Code (Expires 11 Dec 2016 11am) : DAY1DEAL

A for Arcade

#ACTwelveDays celebration.  Hashtag and win a $30 gift card!


Xmas & New Year Lucky Draw!  Win a trip to Bangkok! (Ends 31 Jan 2017)

Xmas pre sale (Ends 27 Nov 2016)

Love and Bravery

Love and Bravery Xmas giveaway!  Win an Xmas makeup workshop! (expires 11 Dec 2016)


30% off on 11 December 2016!  24 hours only! Discount Code: PARTYTIME


10% discount with purchase above $50 for supergul’s Xmas themed dresses! Discount code: GAME

Merry X mas!

SG Zika Update

Hi all readers,

Due to increasing number of Singaporeans looking out for more information about the Zika Virus due to the outbreak in SG, we are providing some information about the Zika Virus in Singapore as well as any updates we receive.  Please like our facebook page if you wish to receive updates.

Total Zika local cases in Singapore as of 4 Sep 2016: 333
28 Aug – 41
29 Aug – 15
30 Aug – 26
31 Aug – 33
1 Sep – 36
2 Sep – 38
3 Sep -26
4 Sep – 27
5 Sep – 16
6 Sep – 26
7 Sep – 8
8 Sep – 9
10 Sep – 14
11 Sep – 11
12 Sep – 4

Here are some facts on the timeline of the Zika Outbreak in Singapore:

Aug 22: A clinic in the Aljunied area, Sims Drive Medical Clinic, informed MOH of an unusual increase in cases with fever, rash and joint pains. Cases were mild.

Aug 23: MOH visited the clinic and discussed the cases with the GP. The initial hypothesis was a cluster of mild viral illness transmitted from person to person. MOH then made arrangements for the clinic to refer new cases to the CDC for further testing and to start tracing past cases for review, and testing if appropriate. The ministry also communicated with nearby clinics and construction sites to increase vigilance and report cases to them.

Aug 25: MOH approached the contractor of a nearby construction site for records of workers with fever. At the same time, a 47-year-old Malaysian woman, who is the first reported locally transmitted case, developed fever, rash, and conjunctivitis.

Aug 26: The woman, the only female among all 41 cases to date, visited the same GP and was referred to the CDC.

Aug 27: The woman was confirmed by the CDC to have the Zika virus infection. She was warded. As she was assessed to have been infected in Singapore, NEA was notified and they commenced vector control (anti-mosquito breeding) operations. Members of the woman’s household were screened. Tests were conducted on 123 people who were recently or currently symptomatic. This includes 118 construction workers of the nearby construction site.

Aug 28: MOH and NEA hold a press briefing during which it is announced that 41 locally transmitted Zika cases have been identified, with 34 patients making a full recovery. The remaining seven are recovering in hospital. The authorities say more cases are likely.


Areas of Zika Concern in Singapore

  1. Aljunied and Sims Drive cluster
  2. Khatib Camp, where a 21-year-old patient is serving National Service
  3. Sembawang Drive, where a 30-year-old patient who works at the Sims Drive construction site lives.
  4. Joo Chiat Place, Senoko South Road, Toh Guan East and Lorong 101 Changi – These are places where the construction workers live


Facts about Zika Virus

Here are some quick facts:

  1. The Zika virus is spread by mosquito bites and by sex.
  2. Symptoms of Zika virus infection are usually mild. Eighty percent of people who become infected never have symptoms. In those who do, the most common Zika virus symptoms are fever and rash; it can also cause muscle and joint pain, headache, pain behind the eyes, and conjunctivitis (itchy, red eyes), according to the World Health Organization (WHO).  Symptoms can last from several days a week.
  3.  Unborn babies are most at risk from Zika virus complications.
  4. You can help prevent Zika infection by using insect repellents. There is no vaccine.
  5. Mosquito control can help control the Zika Virus.
  6. There is no specific medicine for Zika, you can only drink lots of water to prevent dehydration, have plenty of rest.  Take medicine such as acetaminophen to reduce fever and pain.  But do not take aspirin or other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.


How to Prevent the Zika Virus
Quick Facts About Mosquito Repellents

Besides controling the mosquito population, we did a quick consolidation of the different types of insect / mosquito repellents.  Mosquito repellents basically fall into a few categories:

Stationery Mosquito Repellents

Stationery mosquito repellents include the traditional mosquito coil and the more advanced electronic vaporizers.  The pros of the mosquito coil is that you can see the smoke in action, but the cons are the smell, the smoke and the lighted fuse on the coil itself which is dangerous for kids.

Electronic vaporizers come in many different kinds from those that emit a spray periodically to those that continuously evaporate mosquito repellent into the air.  While the smell of the vapour varies the more important thing about vaporizers are the contents of the vapor.  Most of the common ones contain chemicals such as pyrethroid while the more natural kinds contain essential oils or plant extracts.  If you have sensitive noses or skin you might want to find one which is more natural.

Mobile Mosquito Repellents

Mobile mosquito repellents include things like your usual spray on insect repellent, stick on anti-mosquito stickers or hang on insect repellent.  These are useful both indoors and outdoors as you can spray / hang them wherever you prefer.  For ladies who are looking for something they can use to protect themselves, they will definitely need to rely on spray on or stick on mosquito repellents.  Spray on insect repellents are the most effective as they have direct contact with the skin but it can also be harmful to the skin if used in excessive amounts.

Women who are pregnant should not use sprays which have more than 20% DEET (N-diethyl-meta-toluamide) (the chemical commonly found in insect repellents).  The lower the DEET composition, the more frequent you will need to reapply the insect repellent.  Some insect repellents are all natural and have no DEET contents while others like the SAF insect repellent have 75% DEET.  On average, products containing 100% DEET will be effective for 9.5 hours, 30% DEET for 6.5 hours, 15% DEET for 5 hours, 10% DEET for 3 hours and 5% DEET for 2 hours. Controlled release preparations containing 20-35% DEET, may be effective for 8-12 hours or more. Factors such as high temperature, humidity, sweating, and water exposure may reduce the duration of a repellent’s effectiveness.

Hang on mosquito repellents are also useful if you wish to avoid direct contact with the repellent.  Similar to vaporizers hang on mosquito repellents and stick on mosquito repellents come in different types and some which contain chemicals more than natural extracts would be irritable to those with sensitive skin when they touch the repellent directly or the cloth containing the repellents.

For those who are wondering if ultrasound insect / mosquito repellents work, here is an article that shows some interesting facts (http://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-20669080)

For people who are looking for insect repellents or mosquito repellents, we are consolidating orders to get hanging mosquito repellents which can serve as both a stationery and a mobile mosquito repellent from Japan, these will be ready for collection by Thursday (1 Sep2016).

Please send an email to singaporeblogshops@hotmail.com asap if you are interested or have a query on consolidating the orders together for shipping.  Thanks!

Top SG Blogshops 2015 and 2016

Its that time of the year again! Where we review all the blogshops on our website one by one taking into account all that matters to you the blogshopper!  More discount codes! More updates! And more blogshops!  With growing visitors to our site, we will continue to provide blogshoppers with what matters most and we will soon be bringing you the top 10 blogshops 2015 and 2016!  Know the best blogshops in 2015 and which are the ones to look out for in 2016!

And here is the list!



2)The Tinsel Rack

3)Love Bonito Logo 2016

4)The Dancing Jewels Logo

5)Megagamie Logo 2016

6)Wonderstellar Logo


8)Ninth Collective Logo 2016

9)The Design Closets Logo



1) Momoteapots Logo 2016


3)Theory of Seven Logo

– Blogshop of the Month

The Blogshop of the Month (December 2014) is ELLYSAGE!

Ellysage is one of the long standing blogshops that owes its success to both the great fashion it brings as well as its reliability and good customer service.  The 12 days of Christmas give aways in December rocks!  What more can you ask from a blogshop!  ELLYSAGE!

Look at our review below:

Ellysage – BLOGSHOP


Website: http://www.ellysage.com
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/ellysage
Instagram: http://instagram.com/ellysage
Twitter:  https://twitter.com/ellysage
Blog: http://www.ellysage.blogspot.sg/

Clothes Racks at:
❤ KissJane @ Bugis Junection #03-13A
❤ KissJane @ Jurong Point #01-24/25
❤ Space Invasion@ Cathay Cineleisure Orchard#03-06
❤ Space Invasion@ The Cathay #03-15/16



Shop Description:
Ellysage, a one stop shop with the best customer service I can find to date.  Always willing to listen to its customers’ feedback, Ellysage’s effort to strive to improve its relationship with its customers is obvious.  Though this blogshop has not been around as long as some other old names, Ellysage handles customers with outmost care!  With pieces ranging from casual everyday to working casual, you can literally shop till you drop at a very affordable price!

Website Preview:

Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section below if you have anything to say about this blogshop! 🙂



The Blogshop of the Month (January 2014) is THE TINSEL RACK!

The Tinsel Rack is a blogshop not to be missed with its ever lively clothes always bringing a smile to blogshoppers!  Look at our review below:


Website: http://www.thetinselrack.com/
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/tinselrack
Twitter: https://twitter.com/thetinselrack
Instagram: http://web.stagram.com/n/thetinselrack/
Clothes Racks at:
❤ Miyoc @ Jurong JCube #04-14
❤ KissJane @ Bugis Junction, #03-13A
❤ KissJane@ Vivocity, #02-231


Shop Description:

Clothes for the cheerful sunshine girl!  The Tinsel Rack started from a humble online store and grew quickily to now include their own label, 2 KISSJANE racks at Bugis and Vivocity as well as a rack at Miyoc @ JCUBE.

Website Preview:

Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section below if you have anything to say about this blogshop! 🙂



The Blogshop of the Month (December 2013) is THE JENNIE SHOP!

The Jennie shop sells Korean fashion at unbelievably low prices.  Review below:

The Jennie Shop Logo



The Jennie Shop Review

Shop Description:

The Jeannie Shop specialises in Korean fashion at amazingly affordable prices!  It is amazing why not many know about this blogshop as they offer all kinds of Korean fashion at such an affordable price and offer prompt delivery.  The occasional flash sales also drive people crazy with prices as low as $9.90!  A blog shop not to be missed!

Website Preview:


Singapore Blogshops Online – Merry Xmas!!! ^^

Merry Xmas Singapore Blogshops OnlineThe Singapore Blogshops Online Team would like to wish all Blogshoppers a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year!  We thank you for your continued support!  With your support, we have now over 40 active blogshops listed on our website, we will continue increasing coverage of blogshops this year bringing you the latest fashion as well as cover a few more recently established blogshops so stay tuned for more!

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